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A recent New York Post political cartoon caused quite a stir yesterday, and on CNN's "Anderson Cooper 360" last night, during a discussion on race in America, it was a key discussion point.

The cartoon in question has a picture of a chimp laying in a pool of its own blood after being shot dead by police (inspired by the crazy story of the week). The police in the cartoon say, "They'll have to find someone else to write the next stimulus bill."

Critics claim this is a racist cartoon because the artist "obviously" had President Obama in mind when he drew the chimpanzee. Of course, CNN's Roland Martin and the Left's favorite "Republican" David Gergen were in high dudgeon, claiming that "of course" this was a racist, evil cartoon.

OK. Let's assume for the moment that racism was the intent of the author. Shouldn't we, if that chimp is supposed to represent the president, be more outraged that the "president" was shown riddled with bullet holes and lying dead in a pool of his own blood? I tend to believe that that's what normal people would be more offended by if they thought the artist was depicting the president.

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