Vote Like a Democrat: Twice

Posted: Aug 16, 2006 8:52 AM

Donovan Riley, running for State Senate in Wisconsin, voted twice in the 2000 Presidential election. Not surprisingly, he’s a lawyer and former professor. Somehow, not mentioned in this Chicago Sun-Times story, he’s also a Democrat.

Riley explains the incident with these brilliant words: “My best recollection is that I was splitting my time between Wisconsin and Illinois and it's possible I made a mistake.”

Think about that. He waited in line to vote for Gore in the tightest election in decades. Then he drove to another state and accidentally waited in line to vote for him again. On the same day.

This guy’s a lawyer?

It gets better. When you visit Mr. Riley’s website, you’re welcomed by these words: Donovan Riley - A Democrat who will vote like one for the 7th District.

Well said.