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Television Leads to Teen Sex? Shhhh.

According to a new study, proper sex education, particularly encouraging teens to wait, works.

But nearly lost in this CNN/Reuters story is this powerful paragraph:


Other factors associated with planning to delay sex included attending religious services and watching two hours or less of television on school nights. Students whose original parents were still married were also more likely to report that they would wait to have sex.

Everything conservatives know so well, and everything the left tries to deny: Television hurts, church and traditional marriage helps.

It’s basic logic, but how many times have we heard television execs say “We’re just a reflection of society. We don’t influence it.”

Until advertisers come along. Then the sentence becomes “we can influence millions in just 30 seconds.”

Also interesting in this story:

Parents and school officials wanted to emphasize postponing sexual activity, so the program focused on consequences of teen sex, as well as "skill building, character building, and refusal skills."

In some circles, that’s called abstinence. But the word wasn’t used in this story.

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