Bill Clinton's New Old "Bimbo Eruption"

Posted: Feb 05, 2014 7:53 PM

It isn't news to anyone that Bill Clinton has had, ahem, a difficult time living up to his marriage vows.

Now, has released a newly-discovered secret audiotape of actor Tom Sizemore -- who himself apparently had a relationship with the model/actress at one time -- discussing in detail how Bill Clinton used him to initiate a tryst with Elizabeth Hurley. The alleged relationship between Clinton and Hurley purportedly continued over the course of a year.

Hurley has denied any affair. Presumably Clinton would deny it, too (she's just another woman with whom he "did not have sexual relations"). But the fact that Sizemore is able to recount the story with a wealth of details -- and did so without knowing that the information would be made public -- would seem to enhance its credibility.

So does it even matter? Again, we all know about Bill Clinton's character when it comes to women. That's hardly news.

But it does matter and here's why: If Hillary Clinton runs for President (and God forbid, wins), Bill Clinton would become the First Gentleman of the United States. There is, of course, the fact that he lied under oath in a legal proceeding -- an offense for which other, humbler Americans have gone to jail, and one that resulted in the suspension of his law license. There is also the more intangible issue of the lack of honor and loyalty to his wife of the former President, and the unseemliness of rewarding predatory behavior like this and this and this (and the determined ignorance of his wife) with another four or eight years in taxpayer-subsidized high-end housing.

More concretely, however, his behavior raises the possibility of blackmail. Presumably, he would not want his wife, Madame President, to know of his extracurricular activities and/or she, if informed, would not want the American people to be aware of them (again). That makes targets of either or both of them.

Finally, as anyone who remembers the years 1998-2000 can attest, these tawdry "bimbo eruptions" likewise distract from what's supposed to be the President's business: Running the country. Whether the President is the adulterer or the cuckold, it's just not the sort of thing that should be going on.

Much of the country has had enough of the Clinton psychodrama to last a lifetime. And does anyone really think this is the last such news drop of this nature -- especially if Hillary insists on pursuing the presidency?

UPDATE: Now Tom Sizemore is admitting that he made the statements, but is denying they are true. In fact, he denies that he was ever at The White House in any capacity -- one statement, at least, that can be factually verified.