IRS Engaged in Post-Approval Surveillance

Posted: Sep 19, 2013 8:00 AM

In hearings yesterday, lawmakers quizzed Acting Commissioner Danny Werfel about reports that the IRS had engaged in post-approval surveillance of a number of organizations -- most of them conservative.

Although few details have emerged, conservatives ought to be suspicious, especially given the fact that Werfel has stopped the program. It makes you wonder just what IRS agents were doing -- presumably on Lois Lerner's orders -- to ascertain whether newly-approved groups were straying too far into politics.

No doubt more details will emerge soon, and at yesterday's hearing, Werfel admitted that some of Lerner's emails that have emerged "raised questions" and he has passed them on to the IRS's "accountability review board."

One of the big questions that continues to emerge as more details of the IRS corruption come to light is: Why are we still paying Lois Lerner's salarylerner?

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