Newly Released IRS Emails Reveal Depths of Lerner's Duplicity

Posted: Sep 13, 2013 7:49 PM

Recently revealed emails highlight the fact that just about everything Lois Lerner and others said when the Tea Party targeting scandal broke was a lie.

The emails indicate that Lerner was highly involved in scrutinizing Tea Party applications -- and even contain language like "Cincy [the Cincinnati IRS office]  should "probably NOT have these cases."  Of course, that's a pretty sharp contrast from Lerner's initial statements in May that "So it was pretty much we started seeing information in the press that raised questions for us, and we went back and took a look."  It's obvious that she didn't learn about the targeting from the newspapers . . . to put it mildly.

Perhaps one of the most sinister statements in the newly-released Lerner emails is the following: After receiving an article about Democrats complaining about anonymous donors financing attack ads against them, Lerner wrote, ""Perhaps the (Federal Election Commission) will save the day." 

Hm.  So is it a coincidence, as reported here on Townhall, that Lois Lerner colluded with a lawyer from the FEC to try to influence the record before the FEC -- at least twice -- and illegally sharing confidential information?  The answer has always been obvious; now it is increasingly so.

The more the facts in the IRS targeting scandal emerges, the more obvious it becomes that this was a partisan operation, in which law-abiding Americans were discriminated against based only on their political views.

This is completely antithetical to how healthy democratic republics are supposed to work, and there need to be consequences -- severe ones.

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