Worse Than Weiner?: Lewinsky Sex Tape Leaked

Posted: Jul 31, 2013 12:16 PM
Yesterday, I pointed out how ludicrous it was that Bill and Hillary Clinton were said to be "livid" over comparisons between themselves and loyal wife Huma Abedin/ crazy-sexter Anthony Weiner.  After all, by any account, the Clintons have been involved or complicit in far worse behavior than that of Abedin/Weiner.

Perhaps someone else shares my view. Today, a tape has leaked that involves Monica Lewinsky's propositioning of Bill Clinton, in a way that makes it clear there was an ongoing relationship between the two to rival whatever Weiner had going on.  It even references the mechanics of how the clandestine couple might work out a secret rendezvous, using the President's secretary, Bettie Currie, in a plan to avoid detection.  
All this happened, mind you, when Clinton was leader of the Free World.  (According to some of Clinton's extra-marital women like Monica Lewinsky and Gennifer Flowers, he was no stranger to these kinds of conversations.) In the category of "small blessings," count the fact that the iPhone had not yet been invented in Bill Clinton's heyday.  If it had, doubtless we'd have seen even more of him.
No wonder the Clintons are determined to distance themselves from the Abedin/Weiner train wreck.  Who needs all these reminders of the sordid particulars of the psychodramatic Clinton years (or a redo in 2016)?  But in Huma Abedin, the Clintons may have at last taken on someone who has powerful friends, too . . . maybe even friends who have tapes.
There's a reason Huma Abedin is being treated with kid gloves by the Clintonistas, rather than being thrown under the  bus like so many inconvenient Clinton (former) compatriots.  She's been around a long time, and she doubtless could share some pretty private (and potentially embarrassing) personal and/or professional information about Hillary and/or Bill Clinton, were she so inclined.
The bottom line? No one in whole Clinton/Weiner foursome has reason to be "livid" about anything.  By contrast, every American has every reason to be "livid" that none of them seems inclined just to go away.