Where Are the Watchdogs?

Posted: Jul 29, 2013 10:30 PM
Forget about the President remarking (no doubt truthfully) that the press covering him thinks he has "all good ideas." The fact that the MSM is in the tank for Obama is so obvious that it's hardly worth discussing.

Two pieces of news today throw into high relief the pass that the press seems routinely to give to Democrats.  San Diego journalist John Curlee outright admits that the San Diego press was long aware of the "near-incessant rumors" that "floated around" Mayor Bob Filner (who has now admitted to treating women with disgusting disrespect) -- and yet they simply didn't investigate or report on it.
And then there's the story about Anthony Weiner -- no, not his sexual hijinks or the train wreck his campaign has become -- but rather, his complete failure to disclose all the high-priced gifts he and Huma Abedin received in connection with their wedding.  Think of the big deal this wedding was . . . with Bill Clinton officiating and a bespoke wedding dress from Osca de la Renta, but if it weren't for an ethics watchdog group, the Daily Caller, and Weiner's own sexting scandal, he might have been elected mayor of America's biggest city without his non-sexual non-disclosure (as opposed to his lascivious sexual over-disclosures!) ever having been made public.  With all the high-powered journalists types who were either undoubtedly at the "swanky" 300-person party the Clintons threw or the wedding itself, it never occurred to anyone to look?
Honestly, it's enough to make one think that the only way to ensure that the press does its job -- serving as a watchdog on behalf of the public -- is to elect Republicans.  The MSM seems to have no difficulty holding them accountable.

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