100 Reasons - and One Big Question

Posted: Nov 05, 2012 1:28 PM

There are hundreds -- or trillions! -- of reasons to vote for Mitt Romney and against Barack Obama.  But let's stick with 100.

Hugh Hewitt set them out for you.  Here they are in audio.  Here they are in writing.  Feel free to share with undecideds  (hard to believe there are any of them left).

All Hugh's list is convincing to me.  Ultimately, though, for me there is one mega-question, with three flowing directly from it.

What kind of a country do I want to leave my children?

(1) Is freedom -- and the opportunity to achieve great things -- most important to me (Romney)? Or does "equality" -- as defined and enforced by the government -- matter more (Obama)? (Both sides believe in a "safety net" and a panoply of government services for the truly needy.  That's a far cry from "you didn't build that" and "spreading the wealth around.")

(2) Do I want a country with a vibrant civil society -- where houses of worship, charities, individuals and private institutions have important, influential and respected roles in our communal life (Romney)? Or do I want a society where government is pretty much the "whole enchilada" when it comes to providing services and other "public goods" -- and private institutions are almost totally irrelevant, operating only at the sufferance of government (Obama)?

Tulsi Fires Back At Hillary
Bronson Stocking

(3) Do I want an America that is positioned to remain a good and exceptional country, with a special place in the world, and an undisputed "superpower" because of our military and economic strength (Romney)? Or am I more comfortable with an America that recognizes its own exceptionalism is really nothing too special (comparable to what the Greeks or Brits feel), is willing to "lead from behind" and accept its place as just one more country among all the other countries of the world (Obama)?

Romney, Romney & Romney.

Tulsi Fires Back At Hillary