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A Deadly Silence

Still without power and on dial-up Internet after the hurricane (with spotty coverage as it is and some weird thing on my IPad that sometimes turns my text to gobbledygook), I'm going to refrain from extensive comment about this story, but it's a must-read:;fdmodule.


CBS News reports that The White House never even contacted the government's top interagency counterterrorism task force  -- the Counterterrorism Security Group -- during the Benghszi terrorism attack.  Apparently, key responders were ready to deploy, but were never called upon. A hostage rescueteam, the piece reports, was alternately called on and told to stand down through the night of September 11 as key officials couldn't seem to make up their minds what to do.

So where was the President? Was he part of any of this process, or was he in bed? And why don't we have ANY answers?


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