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Obama Campaign's Crude "First Time" Blunder

In the waning days of this election cycle, the Obama campaign has gone incredibly, repulsively downscale. The visionary leader who was supposed to bring us all together is referring to his opponent using an obscenity.  And his campaign is explicitly equating a young person's first time voting with a young woman's first sexual experience, as if the President is some kind of fetish object:



I'm sure they're struggling with the youth vote, but this ad isn't going to help -- and incidentally, it will appall just about everyone over the age of 25. How crude.  How unpresidential. Even Bill Clinton didn't stoop this low, for heaven's sake.

The campaign of Barack "Every Woman Is 'Sweetie'" Obama apparerntly can't talk to female voters, in particular, without somehow making it all about sex.  Come on . . . we are more than the sum of our "lady parts."  How 'bout you direct some of your attention to what's between our ears, instead?

I would advise every young person who goes to vote (first time or not) that when you choose a candidate, it should be one who relates to you as something more than simply a sexual object, displays true kindness and good character -- and who is capable of keeping the commitments he makes.




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