Is This Really the "Breast" They Can Do?

Carol Platt Liebau
Posted: Oct 02, 2012 7:26 PM

Okay, okay.  I know I should be outraged by the ridiculous Obama "lady parts" get-out-the-vote effort (discussed by Katie below) but I  just can't do it.  The whole thing is just such the perfect storm of objectification, cynicism, and awesomely bad taste (I mean, really, would President Obama want his own daughters getting a missive like this?).  Even the tackily euphemistic, pseudo-Victorianism of the term "lady parts" is too delightfully ridiculous for words . . . ("And, fair maidens, I give you Lord Obama, Protector-of-the-Ladyparts!" - it sounds like something out of a Monty Python sketch!).

What's more, it doesn't even make sense. What, exactly, has President Obama proposed that would protect Americans' "lady parts" (and how, in any sense, are the GOP threatening them)? Did I miss it when he started offering to hand out Obama-belts (a term for taxpayer-subsidized chastity belts, provided in the spirit of the now-famous "Obamaphone," albeit without the same "ring" to it, no pun intended)?  

And in fact, wasn't it the United States Preventative Services Task Force -- empowered with enormous authority under ObamaCare -- that recommended raising the age for mammogram screening from 40 to 50 (until an enormous outcry ensued)?  How's that for protecting lady-parts?  Don't breasts count, too, Obamaphiles?

What, exactly, does Obama claim to be doing for "lady parts" besides providing them with free contraception? (Although, in his world, I guess that does protect them from being "punished with a baby.")

This is a truly pathetic excuse for a rationale for reelection:

"Vote Obama.  Sure, the economy's a mess, no one can get a job, and foreign policy is a shambles. But President Obama is firmly committed to protecting your lady parts."

And the campaign's focus on Americans' "lady parts" more than a little ironic, isn't it, given that after Obama's fabulous stewardship of the Arab spring, the radical Islamist ascension to power in Egypt means that female genital mutilation may be revived in the name of Islam.  Those are the "lady parts" that need some real protection.