Government's Laws of Unintended Consequences

Posted: Sep 24, 2012 8:05 PM

One of the most disturbing problems about the specter of handing our nation's health care over to the government under ObamaCare is the fact that government regulations frequently have unintended consequences, totally unforeseen by the bureaucratic geniuses alight with the ambition to control our lives.

One example is the "healthy lunch" intiative pushed through with the patronage of Michelle Obama. It costs more than what students were eating before, there's more waste, and students are going hungry. Some of the food, not to put too fine a point on it, sounds gross.  Not exactly what everyone had in mind, is it?  (On the upside, apparently students are learning about capitalism on the side; there is a burgeoning black market in chocolate syrup.)

Another example is the electronic medical records -- remember, the ones that wee supposed to be so much cheaper and efficient?  Apparently, they are opening the door to more potential for Medicare and Medicaid abuse; rather than reducing health care costs -- the rationale behind the billions spent in federal incentives -- they are increasing them.

The State Department's War on Trump
Betsy McCaughey

So when we hear from lovers of Big Government that all we need is more "investment" or more "oversight" or -- God forbid -- more "redistribution" by the government, you know what's coming: More spending, more regulations, more tacxes. . .  and then a bunch of unintended consequences, none of them good.