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In the "secret," edited tapes leaked to Mother Jones, there's audio of Mitt Romney discussing appearances on television shows like "Saturday Night Live" and "The View."  He has this to say about SNL:


I did not do that in part because you want to show that you are fun and a good person, but you also want to be presidential. And Saturday Night Live has the potential of looking slapstick, and not presidential. But The View is fine.

Well, yes.  It would be nice to have a president who actually cared about looking presidential.  Last night -- amid a mideast crisis, unprecedented deficits and more than 3 1/2 years of 8 percent of unemployment, President Obama found time to appear on David Letterman's show.

Some of the dialogue included this:

“How much do you weigh?”

Obama responded, “About 180.”

“180 looks good on you,” replied Letterman. “That’s just about where I am, and I don’t look so good at 180.”

“You know, you look sharp,” objected the President.

“You haven’t seen me naked,” disagreed Letterman.

“We’re gonna keep it that way,” replied the President.

After some laughter, the pair fist-bumped with Letterman saying, “That’s fair enough. Alright, I like that. We'll keep it that way.”

Perhaps I'm old fashioned, but who really wants a President talking with David Letterman about seeing Letterman naked? You're the most powerful man in the world, you can't find time to talk with Benjamin Netanyahu, but you can find time to discuss whether or not you want to see a late-night host without his clothes on? Really? Is that what the job held by George Washington and Abraham Lincoln has become?  Can anyone imagine any of the truly great presidents engaging in this kind of mindless chitchat?


One of the greatest gifts a Mitt Romney presidency could give the country would be an end to this foolish obsession wtih celebrity and "coolness."  These are serious times, with some big problems.  We need a president who doesn't feel the need to prove how "with it" he is. We really don't need to see the President and First Lady (whoever they are) on the set every time we turn on the television. Could we knock off the flattery, the fist bumps, the silly chatter and actually accomplish something for a change?

America's already got plenty of pop-culture airheads.  What we need is a President.


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