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White House Cleans Up Obama "Gaffe"

For about 24 hours now, the MSM has been trying to convince Americans that Mitt Romney's statement is the big misstep in the unfolding debacle surrounding the 9/11 violence in Egypt and Libya.


Well, now it seems that if there was a "gaffe" (as the liberal establishment would define it), it was made by . . . President Obama.  This morning, he had this to say:

I don't think that we would consider [Egypt] an ally, but we don't consider them an enemy.

What's interesting is that what Obama said pretty factual.  Would YOU describe Egypt's government -- which clearly had the power to stop the attack on America's embassy but declined to do so -- as an ally?  Of course not . . .  But that's not the way a president should speak in the midst of a crisis, when every word should be deployed with knowledge and deliberation.

Because Egypt is officially an "ally" of the United States (Egypt became a "major Non-NATO ally" in 1989),  The White House is busy "clarifying."  Revealingly, it's been reported that "Administration sources [said] that Obama's 'ally' comment was not pre-arranged or prepared by staff and that the question was not anticipated."

Ah, so that's how he came to step in it. He was, in a sense, speaking off-teleprompter.

Sounds like someone running for President is a little confused . . . and it isn't Mitt Romney.




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