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Obama Investment Hypocrisy Alert

Even as President Obama has been blasting Mitt Romney's finances and financial holdings, it appears that he, himself, has happily been willing to profit from (gasp!) foreign investments and private equity

When it comes to the Obamas, it seems that hypocrisy is a way of life.  Mrs. Obama is willing to criticize the eating habits of an Olympic gymnast even as she, herself, frequently and publicly indulges in the kinds of foods she's trying to discourage school children from eating. She wears Lanvin sneakers to a food bank!   

Similarly, the President seems to believe that profiting from private equity and foreign investments is wrong and greedy . . . but only when others do it.

The Obamas' approach to finances was pretty well summarized by Michelle Obama back in 2008.  On the one hand, there is "corporate America" (evil).  On the other hand, there is the "helping industry" (good).  For those from the former, there is one standard of behavior when it comes to junk food, expensive clothes, and profitable investments.

For those from the latter -- like the Obamas -- the moral purity conferred by being part of the "helping industry" provides blanket absolution for behavior that would otherwise be characterized as "greedy."

How convenient. 

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