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It's Plain and It's Simple

The template for the Obama-Biden vs. Romney-Ryan race is being set.  Predictably, liberals and the MSM are trying to demoralize  the conservatives and Republicans pleased about the Ryan pick.

But the facts will speak for themselves.  Whenever a leftist lists all the social programs the Ryan budget supposedly wants to eviscerate, this is the truth:

If we do not address the massive deficits and debt amassed during the Obama administration, there will be no money left to spend on all the infrastructure, student loans, [insert your pet cause here] and everything else.  That's because it will take an ever greater portion of the budget just to pay interest on the debt.  

What's more, as the debt grows, it will be more expensive to pay interest on it.  That's because those loaning us money (41 cents of every dollar we spend is borrowed right now) will demand more in (interest) payments to compensate them for the increasing risk we won't be able to pay them back.  That means higher interest rates.  And higher interest rates mean higher inflation -- which disproportionately hurts all the poor people the Democrats claim to care about.

By the way, this whole election season is a test for the media and "intellectuals" on both sides of the aisle.  The debate about to begin will separate the hacks from the journalists.  Anyone who has claimed to want a serious debate about America's future now has the responsibility to report on it accurately.

And that means NOT letting the left get away with lies about Paul Ryan's Medicare plans.  The fact is this:

  Under the Ryan-Wyden Medicare reform plan, nothing changes for those 55 and over.  For those 54 and younger, they will have the choice -- the CHOICE -- to remain in Medicare or to have expanded private coverage.

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