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"Slutty Wednesday"

Some immature high school girls at Stuyvesant High School in New York (the city's top performing high school) proudly donned their skimpiest outfits to attend school on "Slutty Wednesday"
-- proclaimed in response to the imposition of a dress code for next year.

One can only wish that their mothers (or some other responsible female in their lives, or the media, or the culture, or anyone) would fill these young ladies in on the truth: 

Despite what you may hear, there is nothing particularly "empowering" about  putting your body on display so that every man who's so inclined can ogle you like you're a piece of meat -- rather than seeing you for who you are . . . a one-of-a-kind human being with a mind, body and spirit uniquely made by God to fulfill a particular calling in this world.  Any man who isn't willing or able to love you for you (and not just your body!) isn't worth your time.

What's more, there's nothing particularly admirable about being a "slut" -- which only means that you lack discrimination and judgment when deciding upon whom you will bestow the gift of your sexual favors.  And yes, they are a gift . . . not an entitlement for any hormone-addled boy who's willing to offer you 5 minutes of cursory attention and an emotionless "hook up", rather than a lifetime of love and devotion.  

What these girls don't understand is that wearing "slutty" clothes doesn't make you mature, or powerful, or desirable.  Instead, they are a statement of a profound lack of self-confidence.  Essentially, you are saying that you don't believe that you can attract and hold a man's attention unless you flash your body in his face like a neon sign. 

Sometimes, girls, less is more.  And that goes for flashing the flesh.


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