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Talk About Anti-Business . . .

So just how hostile to free enterprise is the President and his followers?  Consider this:

The Obama campaign is suing Demstore -- an online outfit that works only with Democrats to sell campaign paraphernalia.  Why?  As the article explains, it's because the Obama campaign wants (1) to sell the stuff at a higher price; (2) pocket ALL of the profit; and (3) gain access to buyers' information for future fundraising solicitation.

Apparently, Demstore has been providing campaign materials since 1985, and has worked with the presidential campaigns of Bill Clinton, Al Gore, Howard Dean and John Kerry without incident.  What would be pitiful -- if it weren't so irritating -- are the naive and outraged comments of Demstore's owner, who

said state and county groups rely on his site, which supports only Democrats, to get materials. And he said those groups don't want to go to Obama's website and pay more. For example, a white T-shirt with the Obama logo is $30 at the campaign's site, but a group that wants to buy in bulk can get 500 from at $5.49 each.

"I think people prefer to have the freedom to buy the merchandise where they want to," Schwat said.

Hey, pal, that's what's known as "free enterprise."  If you believe in it, and don't want to be called a "greedy" private business (ironically, by the campaign of the Fundraiser in Chief), you're in the wrong party . . . especially in the age of Obama.

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