Dem Women Senators "Underpay" Female Staff

Posted: May 24, 2012 1:54 PM
Even as they try to portray the GOP as irremediably hostile to women, by their own measure, at least three Democratic women senators fall far, far short -- paying their female staff significantly less than their  male staffers.

I have always thought the left-wing, "comparable worth" yardstick is foolish.  And themuch-bandied about gender "wage gap" largely disappears -- at least when alleged pay disparities between men and women are properly analyzed.

Even so, if Democrats are trying to embarrass Republicans by decrying "wage gaps" and coining phrases like "war on women," they'd best have their own houses in order (pun intended).

But then again, as we've learned with tax issues and Democrats from Tim Geithner to Claire McCaskill, too often the Democrats' real mantra is "Do as we say . . . not as we do."