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Can't Fix What They Won't Acknowledge

It's actually remarkably newsworthy that an underfunded, unknown, less-than-credible candidate has come within twenty points of the President in Arkansas (holding the incumbent to under 60%) -- and  that 
"uncommitted" has done the same in Kentucky

Sure, Kentucky and Arkansas are not deep blue states . . . but the Democrats voicing their content with President Obama -- presumably white, working class voters? -- also exist in swing states like Ohio and Pennsylvania.

If Ron Paul or any other Republican challenger had logged those numbers against Mitt Romney at this point in the race, we'd be besieged with press accounts predicting doom for the GOP this fall, noting the widespread discontent and failure to secure the base that such results suggest.

Yet the press remains strangely silent, providing another example of how its leftward bias actually hurts its favorite candidates.  You can't fix a problem of which you're unaware . . . and the press silence about newsworthy stories like these too often lulls Democrats into a false sense of complacency -- which, frankly, is A-OK with me.  Move along, folks, nothing to see here . . . until November 7, that is.

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