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It's business as usual for lobbyists at The White House.  The Washington Post reports that K-Street lobbyist culture is alive and well at 1600 -- an illustration of j
ust one more broken 2008 campaign promise from President Obama.  Not surprisingly, according to the Post, "lobbyists with personal connections to The White House enjoy the easiest access." 

While the President and his minions demonize the private sector's profit-seeking for themselves and their stockholders, they apparently are quite comfortable taking meetings with their friends to hear how they should be spending our tax money.

Not withstanding the President's (former) pious inveighing against the power of lobbyists and "special interests," lobbyists and special interests will always be attracted to government, like bees to honey, so long as the government arrogates undue power to itself.  Hate the lobbyist culture in DC?  Devolve power to the states and reduce the power of the government.

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