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Two Issues about the Obama Bio

One needn't be a "birther" (and I'm not -- I believe the President was born in Hawaii) to be stunned by the emergence of the publisher's bio that references President Obama as having been born in Kenya
.  The discovery raises two issues.

First, did the President know that his publisher was describing him as Kenyan-born?  (I was given sign-off authority on the bio put out about me when I wrote Prude.)  If so, he may have an Elizabeth "Crockajawea" Warren problem -- that is, a willingness to attest to origins more exotic than the truth in an effort to reap benefits from one's supposed heritage.

Second, the very fact that we're only learning about the existence of this bio now is a remarkable testament to the failure of the MSM.  When one thinks of the resources that have been wasted with reporters crawling all over Wasilla, Alaska, all you can do is shake your head.   Just think . . . all this is going on even without the NY Times having to put out a call to its readers to help with the investigation.

Surely this is a matter that should have come up and been dispositively addressed circa 2008 . . . and the fact that it hasn't (and isn't) has certainly allowed birtherism to flourish, not all entirely as the fault of the birthers themselves.

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