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Is This a Fight They Really Want?

So the Obama administration is trying to make "transparency" an issue they can use against Mitt Romney?



Is it the same administration of which the transparency group the Sunlight Foundation said, "We should remember that Presidential rhetoric and bureaucratic commitments are not the same thing as results" (actually, a pretty decent reminder for the whole of the Obama "record"; and

The same group accused -- by the Justice Department official who guided the federal governments policy on FOIA for more than 25 years -- of distorting its record on processing FOIA requests?

Are these the people with a record so bad that they have come under fire from friends -- with a writer at Firedoglake reporting that the "[Obama] administration is increasingly regarded as the worst on issues related to freedom of information and transparency" and Politico devoting a whole piece to "President Obama's muddy transparency record"?

And that's just the official stuff.  Don't even think about the President's lack of personal transparency -- from the redacted academic records to Illinois bar records (note, however, that he did publish an unsigned piece as a second year member of the Harvard Law Review).

WIth such glaring official and personal failings on the transparency issue, is this really the best issue for the Obamaites to be raising against Mitt Romney?

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