Hollywood's "Tell"?

Posted: Apr 09, 2012 7:08 PM
Remember 2008, when Hollywood just couldn't get enough of Barack Obama?  In one of those small but revealing signs, let's just say that after four years of "hope and change," the entertainment community's enthusiasm for Obama has become somewhat, ahem, mutedExhibit A is, of course, Oprah Winfrey.

But likewise, Barbra Streisand won't sing at his LA fundraiser.  And Jessica Alba -- whose support in 2008 was so rabid that she actually appeared in a video "inspired" by an Obama speech -- had this to say the other night on Piers Morgan:

MORGAN: Will you be voting for Obama? 

ALBA: I -- I'd rather keep that private for right now. 

MORGAN: I don't have you down as a Romney or Santorum? 

ALBA: I'm definitely not one of those -- one of those girls. Definitely not. Without a doubt. Hands down, definitely not. 

MORGAN: So it's either nothing or Obama? 

ALBA: No, I'm going to vote. I think it's actually irresponsible to not exercise your right to vote. So yes, I probably, most definitely will be voting on that side. But then again, you know, it's not like I completely and totally agree with everything that goes on. I think, you know, there is a lot of room for improvement. 

Amazing.  Four years later, and she can't even utter the name "Obama."  In poker, that's what one calls a "tell."

Oh, yes, Hollywood is still liberal (some people can't learn!), and they'll still give plenty of money and vote for Obama.  But for the most part, the public displays of adulation are a thing of the past . . . and whether it's because some are disappointed that the president isn't liberal enough, or whether it's because they understand just how controversial he's become, it's still worth noting.