So Who's Really Fighting a "War Against Women"?

Posted: Mar 13, 2012 7:48 PM
The Obama administration -- aided by friendly press (like this and this) -- have been trying to further a meme that Republicans are alienating female voters (even waging a "war on women"!) because they believe that religious institutions should not be forced by the federal government to surrender their rights of conscience.

But if you look carefully, you'll see some pretty damning evidence that, in fact, it's the Obama administration that's going after the health care provided to low-income women in Texas: The administration has ceased funding a Texas program providing health care to low-income women just because the state passed a law saying that agencies (like Planned Parenthood) that provide abortions are not eligible to receive state money.

In retaliation, the administration has withdrawn all federal funding for the program -- which is intended to provide health care for women who can't otherwise afford it.  In other words, the Obama administration is willing to let poor women suffer in order to punish Texas for refusing to direct taxpayer money toward abortion providers.

Now, what's that again about Republicans waging war on women?!