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Uniform Standards, Please

Given President Obama's appalling record, expect more manufactured controversies (a la Rush Limbaugh/Sandra Fluke) as the President and his party seek (1) to distract the American people; and (2) try to energize the "women's vote," which they'll need if t they're  to have a prayer of winning.  
Asking to deliver the commencement speech at Barnard and knocking a female speaker off the podium, figuratively, is just more evidence of this strategy.

Fair enough.  But if the goal is to use Rush Limbaugh as a foil to prove they're "woman friendly," then it's time to ask them to apply their standards uniformly.  Now it's time to ask the President:

(1) Should the foul-mouthed Bill Maher (whose slams on Sarah Palin make Rush Limbaugh's comments look like Mother Goose) be the headliner for a fundraiser for the Alabama Democrat Party (the President is, after all, head of the Democratic Party)?

(2) Does he feel comfortable having a misogynist like Maher as one of his super-donors?

(3) Since the President is now serving as a media commentator to protect his daughters' sensibilities, does he care to comment on a disgustingly vulgar, woman-bashing comedian serving as the entertainment at the Radio and TV Correspondent's Dinner (as Katie notes below)?

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