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Nancy Pelosi and Co. are shamelessly pretending that women, as a group, support the outrageous intrusion into religious freedom represented by President Obama's HHS regulations mandating that religious employers (with only narrow exemptions) provide abortifacient/sterilization/contraceptive coverage to their employees.  Part of their effort involves discrediting congressional hearings on the regs by pretending that women's voices went unrepresented, and asking, "Where are the women?"

Today, at NRO, Helen M. Alvare (associate professor of law at George Mason) and Kim Daniels (former counsel to the Thomas More Center) have an answer: "HERE WE ARE."  Check it out.

To sign onto a letter from women objecting to the Obama administration's unprecedented intrusion into rights of conscience, go to their web site: www.womenspeakforthemselves.com.

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