A Little Bit Pregnant?

Posted: Feb 08, 2012 7:17 PM
As the old saying goes, "It's impossible to be a little bit pregnant."  When it comes to the Obama administration floating a "compromise" for ObamaCare regulations' extremist trampling on religious liberty, it's also impossible to make a "compromise" that compels religious institutions to tell their employees where and how to access services that run counter to their religious convictions.

Yet that's what the "compromise" being floated by the Obama administration would do. And that's why it isn't really much of a compromise.

No doubt some naive erstwhile Obama supporters will sign on with alacrity, hoping to spare their hero the electoral fallout that would rightfully result from the administration's overt contempt for religious liberty.  But no one in his/her right mind can believe that -- insulated from the wrath of the voters by another term -- the President wouldn't try again.

Nor is it an appropriate compromise to be asked to surrender only part of one's constitutional rights.  So what then?  Only protection under the equal protection act for only some of those who suffer from racial discrimination?  Surrendering one's free speech rights -- but only three days a week?

Come on.  Our rights -- enshrined in the Constitution -- come from our Maker, not from the Obama administration.  And no politically-driven "compromise" should be allowed to erode them.