For Dems, Abortion Trumps All

Posted: Feb 02, 2012 11:23 AM
How charming. Democrats are attacking the Susan G. Komen breast cancer foundation because it has declined to give yet another grant to Planned Parenthood.

Note that Planned Parenthood itself doesn't even do breast screenings . . . by its own admission, it only "connects" women to entities that do provide cancer screenings and mammograms.  How can one argue that Komen has done something wrong by concluding that its money wasn't best spent handing grants to the nation's best-known abortion provider -- one that provides no direct or specialized services pertaining to breast health (clarification: that's besides the basic self-exam every woman can provide for herself at home)?

And that isn't even the stated basis for the foundation's decision.  It's because of the organization's policy of refusing to give funds to entities that are under federal investigation -- as Planned Parenthood is.

But now, Democrat Jackie Spier is misusing her power as a lawmaker by implicitly threatening Komen's tax-exempt status, hinting (ridiculously) that Komen may somehow have violated the law governing the treatment of non-profits. And predictably, Barbara Boxer is attacking it as a "political decision."

Even as a Catholic backlash against President Obama grows, it's becoming clear that the Democrats' rabid support for abortion -- and all who provide it -- far outweigh their concern both for freedom of conscience and for the right of private charitable organizations to be able to spend their money the way they deem fit, in keeping with their mission.