Not Great for the Rest of Us, Either

Posted: Jan 17, 2012 9:08 AM
Defying credulity, The New York Times focuses on the threat of Iran . . . to President Obama's chances of reelection.  (Guess what?  The threat of Iran isn't great for the rest of us, either.)

The cringe-inducing news analysis begins, "The escalating American confrontation with Iran poses a major new political threat to President Obama as he heads into his campaign for re-election."  No doubt that's true -- having telegraphed a message of weakness over the past three years, the administration is caught between two undesirable choices: Either tightening the sanctions (and perhaps taking action against allies if they continue to deal with Iran), which will probably worsen the economic situation here at home, or else telegraph once again his reluctance to move decisively against those who threaten American and Israel.

But given what's at stake, the piece is revealing of the top priority in the Times' newsroom:  Not protecting America, not protecting Israel, not worry about the American economy -- but rather, the reelection of President Obama.