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Ron Paul: Wouldn't Have Ordered Osama Kill

Ron Paul says that, if President, he wouldn't have authorized the Navy SEALs to undertake the mission that resulted in the death of Osama bin Laden.  Instead, he says, he would have "cooperated" with the Pakistanis -- and even characterized the mission as "absolutely not necessary."

Given the emerging evidence that Osama was actually protected by Pakistani officials, Paul's pronouncement sounds more than a little flaky.   

Those who believe in "American exceptionalism" -- and have denounced President Obama's apparent discomfort with the concept -- have no business even giving the Ron Paul presidential campaign a second look.  He is someone who, it seems, is far too comfortable relegating America to a diminished status in the world -- to the point of actually criticizing the bin Laden kill -- under the guise of adhering to "international law."

Scary stuff.  We're used to this sort of thing coming from the loony left, but from a Republican candidate?  Come on.

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