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Immigration Exploitation

At the height of his political popularity and power in 2009, President Obama declined to do anything meaningful about the terrible economy and massive joblessness.  Mind you, he also declined to use his muscle to address the immigration issue, despite multiple promises to the Latino community to do so during the 2008 campaign (and t
he failure hasn't gone unnoticed).  He was too busy imposing the horrendous ObamaCare legislation on all of us.

One wonders whether any of the Latino leadership will protest this transparent exploitation of the hopes and dreams of countless illegal immigrants living in this country.  If the President was serious about doing something, he'd actually be trying to address Republican concerns, rather than ridiculing them.  

Instead, the writing's on the wall: President Obama isn't interested in solving the immigration issue; he's interested in exploiting it for his own personal political gain.  He's intent on demonizing the GOP to convince Latinos they've nowhere else to go, and must vote for them notwithstanding his failure to follow through on the campaign promises he made to them.

Wonder when Latinos are going to tell themselves, "Fool us once, shame on [Obama].  Fool us twice, shame on us" and start giving a hearing to those in the GOP who are interested in stopping the flow of illegal immigrants and then addressing the status of those who are already here.

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