Down the Tubes

Posted: Mar 25, 2011 2:33 PM
The newest Reuters/Ipsos poll shows that only seventeen percent -- 17%! -- of Americans believe that our Commander-in-Chief is a "strong military leader."

My question: Who in the world are the 17% -- and what are they smoking?!

As controversy continues to swell around the goal-less, undefined "KMA" in Libya, the president's political advisors have to realize that the President has now managed to create a mess in the one area, foreign policy, where up to now his ratings had been pretty good.

What's worse, the President has made absolutely no effort to communicate with the American people about why he is putting their soldiers in harm's way (scariest possibility? It's because he has no idea himself).  His silence may do more to hurt him, and his image, than anything else.

After all, the one thing his supporters really knew about him when they went to the polls in 2008 was that he was a rhetorician of some ability.  Now,Barack "I-have-a-gift" Obama is so disconnected that he can't even summon that "gift" to speak to the people he is supposed to be leading?

Talk about destroying his own brand.  Talk about pathetic.