A Bottom Line for Abortion

Posted: Jan 24, 2011 11:59 AM
My Townhall column focuses on af ew basic principles that should be common ground in the abortion debate. 

Obviously, the MSM reacts with shock and outrage when an abortion provider is gunned down, and rightly so.  Murder is wrong, and pro-lifers should be willing to denounce it (as they do, with a few shameful exceptions).

But looking at the news now, one has to wonder: Where is the commensurate media outrage over the forced abortions in China -- about which the President said nothing to President Hu last week -- and the ghoulish abortion practitioner in Pennsylvania?

Roe vs. Wade has left a sad legacy, with millions of unborn children aborted.  But it's also created a situation where those who support legal abortion are too often reluctant to speak out about even its ugliest, worst excesses . . . a form of moral compromise in itself.