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Have You Done Your Part?

Republican gains are expected tomorrow, but they won't materialize without us -- that's me, and you, and you, and yes, you, too.

Have you voted early -- or do you have solid plans to vote tomorrow?  (
here is a list of the times polls close, nationwide)

Have you urged everyone you know to vote (don't be shy about urging them to repudiate the Obama/Pelosi big government/less freedom agenda --
here's why) ?

Do you know anyone who needs a ride to the polls?

Do you have any time tomorrow to head down to your GOP headquarters to make phone calls and help out?

Have you gotten back to everyone who might have asked for your opinion on whom and what to support this year?

Sure, the projections look promising, but right now, we can afford to take nothing -- nothing! -- for granted.  Democrats are deadly serious about doing everything they can to cling to power, and there's no room for complacency.

Let's all do our part to give America a new birth of freedom and prosperity!

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