Reason Two Trillion Barbara Boxer Should Lose Her Job

Posted: Oct 13, 2010 5:02 PM
Barbara Boxer has no business being re-elected.  Setting aside her reflexive antipathy to the free market, her uniquely obnoxious brand of partisanship and her general arrogance (remember her "call me Senator!" moment?), there are still these unforgettable Boxer moments:

(1) Boxer approved a trip to Fallujah for the rabidly anti-American group Code Pink -- securing diplomatic courtesy letters for them -- where Code Pink donated $600,000 in "humanitarian aid" for people who had murdered 51 Americans and wounded 560 more just earlier that month;

(2) During a hearing on the US troop surge, Boxer accused Condoleezza Rice of favoring the surge because Rice has no children who might be in the military;

(3) And during this election cycle, Barbara Boxer wins first prize for hypocrisy in accusing her opponent of "outsourcing" jobs.  As IBD put it:

The unemployment rate in [Boxer's] state is 25% higher than the national average of 9.4%, and the number of jobless Californians is 66% higher than when she took office 17 years ago.

Of course, those statistics are attributable in large part to the union-backed Boxer's fervent opposition to free trade and her support for ending tax deferrals for multinational firms (thereby "incentivizing" them to move out of the US altogether).

It's time for her to go.