Know Them By Their Words

Posted: Aug 28, 2010 12:35 PM
Much of the MSM is horrified -- horrified! -- by the Beck rally at the Lincoln Memorial today.  Well, we'll know whether they're right when we look at what the speakers have said.  In the end, that's what matters . . . not how they're characterized by their political adversaries in the media and elsewhere, but by the message they spread.

And let's hope that anyone on the left who protests the site or the timing of the rally has likewise spoken out about the need for "sensitivity" when it comes to the Ground Zero mosque (which, incidentally, may be eligible for funding with New Yorkers' tax dollars).  It would be nothing if not hypocritical to argue that Imam Rauf should be able to exercise his First Amendment rights without regard to Americans' sensibilities while condemning Beck's supposed "insensitivity" in exercising hisBob Herbert, care to comment?

If I were part of the liberal elite, I wouldn't be as worried by the historic/racial overtones of the rally.  I'd be worried about what it symbolizes: A growing understanding on the part of regular Americans that they should (and need) no longer heed the supposed "wisdom" and "moral authority" of a liberal elite that has nothing but contempt for them.