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Nip Tancredo's War Cry in the Bud

Today I have an op/ed running in Investors Business Daily, arguing that the GOP needs to make it clear that Tom Tancredo's talk about trying to impeach the President -- and charging him with being more dangerous than Al Qaeda -- is over the line.

Not only does it allow Democrats to divert attention from their record of failure, arrogance and incompetence, it also misleads Tancredo's supporters, who might think -- contrary to fact -- that impeachment is either legally possible or politically tenable.

Worst of all, Tancredo's rhetoric is ill-suited to reassuring Americans who -- having been ignored and disdained by Democrats -- want their representatives to focus on jobs, a growing economy, and strength  abroad.  His intemperate words raise concerns that, if given power, the GOP would simply use it to pursue partisan power games, rather than work on behalf of the American people.  What he's doing is silly, irresponsible and counterproductive; it ought to stop.

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