Dems Lose Either Way

Posted: Jul 07, 2010 4:25 PM
When you're a Democrat who's afraid of the political consequences of voting for a $1.1 trillion budget, how do you avoid accountability?  Just deem it passed.

When you're a Democrat who knows that hearings and a regular confirmation process for a nominee would expose his views in favor of health care rationing, what do you do?  Make a recess appointment

When you're a Democrat who knows that an annual social security report will clarify the draconian cuts that ObamaCare will necessitate in Medicaid and Medicare, what do you do?  Just delay the report's release.

When you're a Democrat who's been riding high in Washington while the country's economy flags, every foreign policy initiative has come to naught, and the American people have become increasingly angered by your deceptive, arrogant, high-handed tactics -- both executive and legislative -- what do you do?  Look for personal dirt to use against your opponents.

Make no mistake -- the tactic isn't going to make Americans more enamored with the Democrats who are currently trying to rule them.  And even the Democrats know it.  The best they can hope for is that the dirt-digging will  make the electorate despise a particular Republican even more than it despises them. 

If the tactic doesn't work, Democrats will go on to lose, and earn even more of the voters' contempt for their sleazy, try-to-hold-power-at-any-cost mentality.  If the tactic succeeds in some cases, Democrats will hold on to their seats.

But ultimately, even they will lose.  Personal, scorched earth campaigns achieve little in the end besides ratcheting up public disaffection with politicians and government.  For Democrats, the party of government and politicians -- already facing significant discontent -- that's hardly a wise strategy.

Outcome? Democrats lose either way, either sooner -- or later.
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