At Least He's "Smart," If Only In Part

Posted: Jun 26, 2010 10:20 PM
So much for Joe Biden's "regular guy" cred. 

After encountering a frozen custard store manager who asked him to lower our taxes, the Vice President called the young man "a smartass" -- to his face, no less.

No doubt concerned about the potential  blowback, Biden reportedly whispered later to the man that he was "just kidding."  I guess the manager is just lucky that Biden didn't accuse him of being unpatriotic, too.

If nothing else, at least the store manager can take comfort in the fact that at least his "ass" is "smart" -- at times like this, it's tempting to wonder if any part of the Vice President could accurately be classified that way.  All joking aside, though, do you get the feeling that Biden's spontaneous reaction actually reflects the way the Obama Adminstration regards the Americans who dare to disagree with them?