America's Divided House

Posted: May 24, 2010 5:10 PM
Andy McCarthy brilliantly articulates the dismay so many Americans felt watching House Democrats cheer Calderon's attack on Arizona:

A nation is a big, bumptious thing. It needn’t agree on everything. It can even bitterly disagree on major things. But to be a nation, a People, it has to agree that it has a shared destiny: that its unique culture, core principles, and independence are worth preserving, protecting, and defending.

I didn’t see a shared destiny during those moments in the People’s House Thursday. I saw Democrats cheering for Mexico’s attack on Arizona. It was a catastrophe.

It is a frightening thing to realize that a substantial number of congressmen are willing -- not just to sit by -- but to actively cheer a foreign leader's attack on constitutional legislation, legally enacted by a democratic legislature in one of America's own states.