The "Anti-Liberal" Mood

Posted: May 20, 2010 11:18 AM
One final word on Mark Critz's victory in Pennsylvania: Even as Republicans take it as a warning that they can't win everything just by showing up and spending, keep in mind it was an empty seat, won by a Democrat who ran from his party and had no voting record.

Andrea Tantaros makes a convincing case (as John Podhoretz did before her) that this isn't so much an anti-incumbent wave as an anti-liberal one.  Those in political trouble are those who have been perceived as being complicit with the Obama administration, not (even long-time) office-holders who have opposed it.

What might be interesting is for citizens groups -- right after they ask candidates whether they would sign no-tax pledges -- to ask Democrat candidates whether they would pledge to vote against Nancy Pelosi for speaker.

And if Democrats want to keep winning, perhaps they'd better empty out the seats of all their members who voted for the budget-breaking "stimulus" plan and the health care "reform" that Americans clearly stated they opposed.
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