Thumbing His Nose At the Majority

Posted: Mar 25, 2010 3:30 PM
There are questions -- good questions -- about the costs and diminution in quality in health care brought about by ObamaCare that Democrats and the President have refused to answer.

Americans are genuinely worried about the new legislation that was imposed on them over their wishes.  In light of that truth, it's a deeply misguided and contemptuous response for the President to tell the opponents of ObamaCare to "go for it" when it comes to repeal (remember when the Democrats excoriated George W. Bush as insensitive and cowboyish for telling terrorists to "bring it on"?  Apparently, it's okay for Democrat presidents to taunt, not terrorists, but one's fellow Americans that way).

Despite the kudos pouring in from the MSM, fully 55% of Americans (and 59% of independents) support repeal of the health care bill.  Is the President really thumbing his nose at a majority of the people he works for?

In a recent column about ObamaCare, I asked, "Can a president successfully govern a nation when he apparently believes that a majority of its citizens are either stupid or wicked [for having opposed his health legislation]?"

Well, perhaps we're about to find out.