More Than Just "Repeal" -- "Repeal and Replace"

Posted: Mar 22, 2010 11:38 AM
Apparently, the President was toasting his victory with champagne, as congressmen -- many of whom voted against the expressed will of the voters who hired them -- passed his health care bill.

Now the sales job begins, and administration allies -- like the unions (who got special deals) -- are going to begin an ad blitz designed to convince people that they should be happy about the passage of the health bill they've opposed.

Having passed the bill, the Democrats are now going to demagogue the issue.  When challenged, they'll ask their opponents whether they want to "take away" (insert best-polling provision of the legislation).

That's why a drive for "repeal" isn't going to be enough.  Republicans need to run on a campaign of "repeal and replace."  In other words, repeal the high-tax, intrusive, Big Government route to (insert alleged "benefit" of the legislation) and replace it with the free-market-oriented, consumer-in-control approach to the same (benefit).

"Repeal and replace" has the advantage of highlighting the fact that Republicans are more than -- as Democrats would characterize them -- the party of "no."  Yes, the GOP does have a plan.  And it empowers Americans, rather than the government that's shown -- over the past weekend -- it's less interested in governing them than ruling them.

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