Susan Estrich Gets It

Posted: Feb 21, 2010 5:44 PM
When it comes to health care "reform," the Obama administration is more willing to believe that this nation is populated by imbeciles who simply can't recognize their good fortune, than that they're peddling a health care bill that's a total clunker.

As Susan Estrich points out, it's not that the Democrats have a communication problem, as most of them seem to believe.  Indeed, untold hours of Obama rhetoric have been spent trying to convince people of the (mostly unspecified) plan's greatness.

The problem is that people simply don't want the product that the Administration is peddling.  As Estrich notes:

What's gone wrong is that people see the country swimming in debt, see the jobs recovery lagging, see friends and neighbors who are not even hanging on, and they just don't know how this administration is planning to pay for a massive health care reform effort.

That's right.  And they know an unbelievable narrative when they hear it -- and that's the one the President tried to use to "sell" health care reform: We'll all get more for less, and live happily ever after, too.

When has any of that ever happened, especially after the government gets more involved?