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Democrats are trying to turn health care "reform" into a tribute to the late senator from Massachusetts.

It is an interesting tactic. Again, restraint only becomes his political adversaries until he has been properly eulogized and buried.  That being said,  if the Dems are going to try to piggyback on the senator's demise to pass legislation that the vast majority of Americans oppose, it will be time for a full and fulsome discussion of the many policies the senator espoused over the course of his life. 

When the proper time comes, if we are to support ObamaCare because Ted Kennedy did, then it's only appropriate to look at all the policies Kennedy espoused -- from immigration to judiciary to abortion to spending to foreign policy -- to decide whether the hard-left liberalism Kennedy espoused is the path that's truly best for America to follow.

The Democrats are grasping desperately at the last vestiges of Camelot in hopes that it will be enough to drag some stinker of a health care bill over the finish line.  The big question will be whether nostalgia for the Camelot myth is enough to overcome  popular resistance to ObamaCare, especially on the part of the elderly (increasingly, the only demographic that actually remembers the Kennedy heyday).

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