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When Protest Works

Taking a look at the Rasmussen poll results that Meredith discusses immediately below, one particular finding jumped out at me: 

As for the protesters at congressional town hall meetings, 49% believe they are genuinely expressing the views of their neighbors, while 37% think they’ve been put up to it by special interest groups and lobbyists.

In other words, Americans aren't accepting the narrative being peddled by the Democrats and their friends in the MSM.  In fact, the result is consistent with the findings of a recent Gallup poll reporting that the town hall protests have made 35% of independents more sympathetic to the protestors (and their cause) with only 16% less sympathetic.

Ironically, even the MSM's unsympathetic coverage of the protestors has worked to their advantage, because the drama and conflict of the confrontations actually forced the press to cover -- at least to some degree -- the substance of their objections to ObamaCare.  And once others heard the objections, they realized (perhaps to their own shock!) that they shared the protestors' concerns.

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