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It's disheartening, but hardly surprising, that Sonia Sotomayor's backers are trying to smear Frank Ricci, the fireman against whom the city of New Haven discriminated because he is white.

Sure, the left tells us that they are the friends and the proponents of the "little guy," the ordinary working stiff trying to earn a living.  But as Joe the Plumber could tell Ricci, that's only if the "little people" -- the ones that the left is so supposedly committed to "helping" -- are willing to sit down, shut up and act helpless without the succor of the big, benevolent government.

Object to the left's color-conscious brave new world, and you're painting a big, red target on your back.

Contrary to the implicit claim in the linked story, this targeting of Ricci is in no way analogous to the treatment of Anita Hill.  Hill emerged late in the Thomas hearings at the behest of far-left partisans, and made explosive charges of a highly personal nature of alleged years-old events that could neither be proven nor disproven.  Thus, her character and personal history was highly relevant to any effort to ascertain the truth of her claims.

Here, the Supreme Court has sided with Ricci -- so obviously, his claims have been found to have merit when it comes to both the facts and the law.  Any smearing of Frank Ricci is simply a slash-and-burn attempt to destroy a regular guy who had the "nerve" to object to the left's racial agenda.

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