Is He Really Surprised?

Posted: Jun 23, 2009 3:11 PM
Watching the clips posted by Greg below, what's most remarkable about President Obama's discussion about his response to the Iranian situation is his apparent surprise that the regime would "mistranslate" his words (in clip below at around the 4 minute mark).  His indignation is palpable.

Can he really be surprised?  This is a regime that has lied to the world about its development of nuclear weapons, and visited all kinds of horror and oppression on its own people.  Its behavior toward America and toward the international community, even within the last few years, has amply demonstrated that words mean little to the mullahs who currently control the country.

If the President is serious about his aim of engaging with Iran, it's best that he be aware of what the regime is really capable of, and what words and agreements and talks mean to them.  The answer: Not much. 

Yes, Mr. President, the regime is entirely capable of twisting his words -- and much, much worse.